Enables 100% web-based remote engineering, monitoring, and control

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Advantech WebAccess/SCADA - IoT Application Software Framework

Advantech WebAccess/SCADA is a browser-based SCADA software package for supervisory control, data acquisition and visualization. It is used to automate complex industrial processes for situations where remote operations are needed. In addition to traditional SCADA functions, WebAccess/SCADA features an HTML5-based intelligent dashboard that enables cross-platform, cross-browser data analysis. WebAccess/SCADA also provides open interfaces for developing IoT applications aimed at various vertical markets as industrial IoT platform, and it also acts as a gateway for collecting data from ground equipment and transferring the data to cloud applications via MQTT publish/subscribe.

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100% Web-Based Architecture

SCADA software application. As one of Advantech’s core IoT application platforms, it provides a unique environment for development and remote maintenance. 

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Open data connectivity

For integration with third-party software, WebAccess/SCADA supports OPC UA/DA, DDE, Modbus, and BACnet server/client for real-time online data exchanges.

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Support Multiple Protocols and Drivers

WebAccess supports real-time data protocols like OPC, Modbus, BACnet, DDE Server and various database such as SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft Access Database.

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Open interface

WebAccess/SCADA offers several types of interfaces, including RESTful API and SignalR, for various application development.

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Data to cloud via MQTT

For edge computing applications, WebAccess/SCADA also publishes real-time and historical data to private/ public cloud platforms via MQTT, so customers can use various application extensions in their cloud application scenarios.

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WebAccess App

WebAccess App is a mobile app for WebAccess/SCADA 8.3 and above based on phones with iOS 10 and Android 5 and above.

Browser-Based SCADA Software

  • Enables 100% web-based remote engineering, monitoring, and control

  • Driver support for major PLCs, PACs, I/O modules, CNCs, network switches, and computer platforms

  • Supports standard protocols including Modbus, OPC UA, --OPC DA, Ethernet/IP, DNP3, SNMP, and BACnet

  • WebAcccess/Dashboard 2.0 HTML5-based GUI for cross-browser, cross-platform data analysis; Widget Builder for creating custom widgets; and access to external databases and web service interfaces for data acquisition from third-party software systems

  • Provides WebAccess APP for remote monitoring/control and alarm push notification for Android/iOS mobile devices

  • Easily integrated with third-party software (e.g., MES and ERP) via open interface web services (RESTful API and SignalR), widget interfaces, and WebAccess APIs

  • Flexible database restore mode for automatic data access with improved query speeds Soft license online authentication

Redundant SCADA Nodes, Com Ports, and Devices


Advantech’s WebAccess/SCADA ensures continuous reliable communication with automation equipment. The WebAccess backup node activates when the primary node is down. WebAccess/SCADA device drivers are designed to communicate with backup ports and devices whenever the primary connection is lost and to automatically restore to a primary connection when it becomes available.

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